Thinking Room

Since I’m mostly working alone these days, communicating via email or IM with my partner, I have had the luxury of working anywhere, anytime. For the last month or so, I’ve found that I work very well when this is the view from my desk:


It’s actually pretty affordable. Whenever I’m mentally stuck and can’t focus, I drive to Alki Beach and park by the water’s edge, and just yank out my laptop. Between my 3G modem (best thing ever) and an inverter to power the laptop, I can work there for hours on end, and it’s usually some of my most productive time. There’s no distraction, no fridge to raid, no TV to watch, plus that view is just inspirational for writing a spec or business plan or what have you.

I think everyone should have a quiet place they can go to, not necessarily with that view, but looking out to a view that’s serene and mind-quieting. I’ve read about Kathy Sierra’s Airstream office rig, and I want one. And I’ve got the design all figured out:

Ideally I’d like a 19-22′ vintage Airstream, something like this:


And since I’m a mod-head, I’ll have the interior all stripped down to the shell. No plumbing, no cabinets, no dinette set, no beds. I’m ick’ed out by the bathrooms on RVs and so I think I’ll take that out too…I’ll just go to the nearest gas station and Starbucks if needed. Ideally, I’ll have a solar-charged battery system with an inverter to kick up the power to 110v, so I can use it to power electronics. Interior wise, I just want this:

Sent — will.lai@gmail.com (395 messages).jpg

It’s an interior designed by Bosch & Fjord for their client MindLab, as a conference room where people can collaborate. I think the curve walls will be perfectly matched to an Airstream’s shell, plus the immense whiteboard surface will be great for doddling your latest big idea. I’ll add a simple conference table and some chairs running down the middle of the Airstream, hang a projector on the ceiling, an electrical outlet from the battery system, a WiFi access point powered by my 3G modem, and I’ll be all set to do pretty much anything I need to get done.

I think I can put together the whole thing around $5-7K, with alot of elbow grease thrown in, which really isn’t too bad. The only problems are that my house has no room for RV parking, and I don’t have a tow vehicle, both of which can be fixed with more money. If I have time right now I’d actually go for it, but the day is short and this has to stay as a pipe dream for now.

If you have something like this setup for your work, write me a comment!


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