office space, not the movie

it’s been a month and i’ve been mostly working out of cafes and libraries during the day, and at home in the evening. so far, here’s what i’ve learned about this routine and myself:

– i can’t concentrate at home unless it’s dark and everyone’s gone to bed. this is not new, it’s just an old habit carried over from the college days. i tend to go grab a drink from the fridge, which means i stop by the cupboard for a snack, which led me to flip thru a magazine while i consume the snack/drink, which means i get distracted and it’ll be hours before i get back on track. no good.

– cafes and libraries are excellent places for me to work, particularly ones in the u. district where everyone else is working or reading too. working must be like yawning, because i found it contagious when i’m nearby.

– cafes are great because i get good coffee; cafes are bad because i get too much coffee, which increases my jitteriness as well as the bill, because sometimes i’m ordering because i feel guilty that i should buy something while taking up their space, wifi, and electricity.

– starbucks and tully’s on alki, while chains, are good places to go because i can park for free, i can take a nice walk when i’m stuck, but are lousy because there aren’t any good places for lunch without getting in the car again.

– parking in seattle is either costly or a hassle or both. used to be that i can park at south lake union for free, but that stopped since seattle made it metered.  15th ave on capital hill is okay, but the meter maid seems pretty active and so i have to move the car every 2 hours. pioneer square, downtown, pine/pike are all metered too, which means i have to pay and refill every couple of hours. only university zoka and alki are real free options.

which leads me to start thinking about a real office once i have some income coming in. i can reorganize downstairs to be a home office and work there more often, and get some business expense deduction too. and/or i can rent a real office so i can actually “go” to work. i wouldn’t want an office by myself where i’m starring at four walls, an office only make sense if i’m around people so you can bounce ideas off each other, etc. i’ve started investigating some “co-working” setups, and recently found officenomad, a local group of indies who just rented out a building in pine/pike, and are charging $20/day, or $475 monthly which includes use of meeting rooms. it’ll be nice to be around people who are also starting their own businesses, have some social interaction and get to know some folks who maybe helpful down the road. it’s going on the “someday” list.

now back to work.


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