david pogue reviews the olpc / xo: thumbs up!

david pogue of the new york times reviewed the one laptop per child (now called the xo) and he really liked it. he thinks it’s well worth the $200 price tag. i’m particularly interested in his opinion of the programming environments, and even more so that it’s all in python, and one button reveals the underlying source for all the programs that you can tweak. what a great way for a young mind to start hacking! the water/dust/drop-proof design is just awesome, as is the screen resolution.

i have already worked out with isabelle (age 8) a plan for her to get one this christmas. she will be doing her homework and piano practice six days out of every week, and if she keeps it up until christmas we’ll order one for her through the buy one get one program that olpc is running in november. it’s a good christmas gift for her to have, a good experience for her in terms of giving the second olpc to another child, and get her to establish a good habit on doing homework and piano practices a bit every day, rather than cram on the last day before it’s due.

and let’s not forget that dad is pretty excited about the opportunity to learn a bit of python and play with a new gadget :-)


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