fax? yes, fax

the good thing about working for a company is that alot of mundane stuff is taken care of. for instance, when i was working i had access to a centralized fax number that will forward faxes to my email inbox. it was a nice feature that came in handy once in a while, because for reasons unknown the rest of the world still loves paper forms.

well, now that i am on my own, i will need infrequent access to fax, both for receiving and sending. i have a brother multi-functional device that has a scanner and a fax modem that can serve as a fax machine, but the stupid plain old telephone system (POTS) is still circuit based, and so i’ll have to order an extra analog line for the house, etc. not really worth it for my infrequent faxing needs. (i tried distinctive ring + ring detector gadget for a fax setup once upon a time. still a pain and just fundamentally stupid, and i am very allergic to stupid.)

so today i was searching for an internet fax service that will deliver the same fax experience, i.e. fax number to receive fax and forwarded to email, and sending PDFs and DOCs electronically. google reveals that there are alot of internet fax services out there, but with the exception of efax.com i’ve never heard of any of them. there are even some free services, but i don’t think it’s wise to rely on a fly-by-night freebie service for business needs.

a little googling reveals that jeremy zawodny just posted the same question as me, and got some helpful input on the various outfits. in particular i liked the fax service comparator site faxprices.com, which pointed me to trustfax.com for my fax volume. for $30 a year i get a local fax number for receiving faxes and about 200 pages of fax capacity, which i think will be enough. i can buy more page capacity as needed, and going with a service that has a sustainable model beats handing out a freebie fax number that goes dead without warning.

it’s reassuring that these kinds of mundane basic stuff can be taken care of easily and cheaply from service providers out there. setting up shop isn’t so bad so far.


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  1. October 4, 2007 at 3:43 pm

    I’ve used faxaway.com for receiving faxes for a while now. You just get a TIFF in your inbox. It’s $1/month to recieve, and $0.11/min to send. Sending isn’t the most elegant solution, but it works and it’s cheap.

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